For the next iPhone which will celebrate 10 years of the smartphone of Cupertino, Apple may have a radical change of the glass and aluminum structure. A recent report indicates by Korea Herald iPhone 8 should have a totally curved OLED display and plastic.

According to the report of the South Korean newspaper, Apple would be going to present three new models of the iPhone in 2017: two would be “traditional” with a structure very similar to the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (in practice 7s series) while the third would take the role of pointing device with the OLED display.

It is still unclear if the OLED panel will be the plastic surface on which the user will interact or if the surface is then covered with a layer of glass.

The display with curved surface has already been used by Apple to iPhone and Apple Watch so it is still to be discovered why the company would like to focus on plastic OLED display – component that should be provided by Samsung Display – iPhone 8 .

Among the changes that could affect iPhone 8, KGI had spoken of a glass surface in order to integrate wireless charging  even if the new charger may not be included in the package but sold separately. Also according to the Korea Herald, Apple is investigating a detection technology by which the user can answer a call by touching any side of the device without necessarily interact with the touchscreen display.

For next year, then the top model should be supported by new versions of iPhone 8 iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that will include updates of the internal components but with an LCD display and will be the cheaper alternative than a new and revolutionary model from the price higher.

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