According to a report, the new Apple smartphone will be sold with three cuts of memory. It will start with the 64GB base model to get up to 512 GB, just like on iPad Pro.

There is little to the official presentation of the new Apple smartphones. Today, we want to talk about the cuts made available by Apple for the iPhone 8.

The source of this news is the Chinese user GeekBar , who in the past has already revealed many new things in the Cupertino company in the past. According to him, Apple will launch the new iPhone 8 with three available memory cuts. It will start with the 64GB base model and it will reach up to 512 GB, passing through an intermediate 256 GB model. Essentially, we will have two new memory cuts, which were not present in the latest iPhone generation. The iPhone 7 started in fact from a 32 GB base model and then went to 128 and 256 GB.

We do not know if the two iPhone 7s will have the same memory cuts, or they will keep those of the current iPhone generation.

What do you think? Which model would you buy? Do you look like 512 GB exaggerated for a smartphone?

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