Bloomberg’s Gurman has put together all the rumors about the features of the iPhone 8. It comes out of an almost complete profile of the next Apple smartphone.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg today gathered in a roundup all the new features expected for the iPhone 8 , the first Apple smartphone signed with OLED displays.

” What’s new in the iPhone 8 ” and accompanied by some illustrations, the article divides the new features that iPhone 8 will have before rivals and those already present on competing smartphones (or previous models).

Among the new features of the iPhone 8 we find:

  • Renewed camera – for best app AR
  • Smart Camera – for best real-time environments and object recognition
  • 3D Sensors – 3D facial recognition to unlock your smartphone and authorize payments
  • Infrared sensors – for face recognition even in low light conditions
  • Fastest Chip A11 – manufactured using the latest 10mm TSMC process

For the article author, the new 3D visual recognition scanner designed by Apple will be able to unlock the OLED device in a millionth of a second, defining this as the ” flagship ” of the iPhone 8.

Some of the most important updates are features that already exist on the previous iPhone, and are already on rival devices. Here they are:

  • Almost full-screen design – Samsung came first with the Galaxy S8
  • Steel Borders  – as seen on iPhone 4 / 4s
  • Front and back glass – seen on iPhone 4 / 4s
  • Tap to Wake – already on some Android smartphones
  • Thiner frames – feature of the latest smartphones of the Galaxy, Essential Phone and LG G6
  • OLED Display – a feature already present on several top Android range (Galaxy S8, OnePlus 5 etc …)
  • Induction Charging – Induction Charging was used with Apple Watch and various Android smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola and Sony
  • Virtual Home Button – Despite Galaxy S8, Essential Phone and Google Pixel all have a virtual home key, Apple’s should be more functional with a new “feature area” at the bottom of the display

Like many other headlines, Bloomberg assumes three new iPhones for this year : it is obviously about iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, and the much-anticipated iPhone 8.

Below is an interesting excerpt:

” Apple is presenting some new ideas on the table. To replace the Home button, the company is creating a software-based control area at the bottom of the display, which could be a step further than the basic controls of Android smartphones without the Home button.

Like the iPhone 7 Plus, the new device will have a dual lenses photographic module, but they will be positioned one above the other and not side by side, a setting that would allow AR apps to work better.

This update will also mark the first time a full line of a smartphone maker will use the same and most efficient 10nm processor (Samsung’s S8 uses two different processors depending on the country of purchase).

Basic technology updates aside, the flagship of the new iPhone will be the Face Detection 3D sensor that will unlock the device and authenticate payments. »

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