Anticipating a little ‘time, you have already started to leak in the web photos of those who should be the first components of the iPhone 7, next flagship Apple that should be released next fall. Since well before the rumors have started instead on the device eligible candidates who now see two features: wireless charging and water resistance.


Although it can be a bit ‘debilitating in terms of speed, wireless charging is now a solution adopted by many brands on the market and it is therefore likely that Apple wants to catch up with its main competitors.

obviously in this case it takes over the problem of the standard used or the necessity (or not) of having to use compulsorily charging accessories MFi ( Made For iPhone ).

As for the water resistance, a feature of which is, at least for now, there was no negative connotations and that is also long overdue by Apple users that have too often seen their iPhone do dips involuntary in many different situations .

We’ll see, as the rumor becomes news if what they learned today corresponds to the truth or not.

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