In September, Apple could introduce three new models of the iPhone 7. In addition to the “classics” iPhone 7:07 Plus, we will probably also have “Pro” version of the smartphone. Even the memory cuts should change and maybe we will see an entry-level model to 64GB.


Yes, continue unabated rumors regarding iPhone 7. This time we want to talk about the new information found in the network, regarding the possible new memory cuts. According to the source, the iPhone 7 will start with a basic capacity of 64 GB up to 256 GB, clearly going for the 128 GB version. We have already had occasion to speak of memory sizes of iPhone 7, in fact, the disappearance of the 16 GB model is almost certain. Until now, however, the hypothetical replacement of the 16 GB model was clearly to 32GB, but according to this latter item, Apple may directly implement a 64GB memory. This will undoubtedly make many users happy, but if confirmed true, it probably would also increase the base price of the device. It is unclear whether this new memory will cut applied to all outgoing models, or whether it will be the exclusive iPhone 7 Plus or even the much-rumored “Pro” model.

In addition to this there was also talk of possible iPhone Pro 7, which will complement the two “little brothers.” Also according to the source, Apple will unveil three new models of iPhone in September: the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Pro. Council will continue the line of choice names for the iPad in recent months, offering exclusive features, which will only be present in this “Pro” model. Obviously this is just a rumor, but it could become reality as early as September.

The much-rumored “Pro” model should be equipped with dual camera and the smart connector, in addition to the possible entry-level memory cut 64GB. The other two models, then they probably should have a larger camera and other small hardware innovations.

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