Are two screenshots circulating on the network in relation to the benchmark performed on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Not being even arrange them in the shops, it is likely that these benchmarks have been achieved on iPhone demo showed that Apple soon after the event.

In the screenshot on the iPhone 7 Plus, in addition to the scores, we can see the presence of two cores in the processor (a clear mistake because they are actually 4) to 2.23 GHz and 3GB of RAM.
In screenshot its iPhone 7 instead, the application returns other data and other errors. Again he sees only 2 cores in the processor instead of 4, then signals 396 MHz, what is really absurd and impossible. In addition, we note only 2GB of RAM just as the 6s.

inding ourselves in front of these differences and errors, they are only two possibilities:

Or the application still does not work well because it does not optimized for the new iPhone (and this would justify the display of two processors instead of 4), or the screenshot of the iPhone 7 is false / tampered.

In any case, very few hours away from the start of pre-orders, we warn you that there may be a difference in terms of RAM between the two models of the iPhone 7. Unfortunately Apple does not release statements ever about this aspect so before September 16 it will be really impossible to find out how much RAM we find on the iPhone 7 basis. Only when iFixit unmount both smartphones we will know the truth.

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