This year we saw the first Samsung smartphone without edges , with the screen that extends beyond the front surface of the device. Some users have therefore tried to produce a concept video of a ‘ iPhone 7 Edge , which looks just like the top of the range Samsung.



Here are two video concepts dedicated to iPhone Edge 7 in their version , with a display border-less by 5.5 inches . The resolution of the display shown in the concept is 2K , which also exceeds the current iPhone 6S with its 1080p. In the concept we see also a double audio speaker, with the complete absence of the door Lightning and a new charging system, similar to the magnetic connector dell’iPad Pro.

I wonder if Apple is planning just such a product for next year, or the design of the ‘ iPhone 7 will be completely different and will have a display, which extends over the front surface of the smartphone.

What do you think? Would you prefer a display like the Samsung S6 Edge, or do not care about this kind of feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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