2016 has already seen great smartphones like HTC 10 and the two Samsung Galaxy S7. These have conquered many users, so Apple must succeed with iPhone 7 to impress consumers , even those most skeptical. The first step? A basic version of 32GB of internal memory.

As far as the internal memory of your iPhone currently are three variants: 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. The most ‘economic’ version is of course the 16GB, which are actually a few smartphone that taking high-resolution photos, turn videos in 4K and run applications, and games, which occupy a lot of memory.


Almost all manufacturers of Android smartphones, however, enable its users to expand the memory via microSD. This is an option that very difficult to see on iOS devices, but Apple could make its customers happy with true inaugurating a new iPhone 7 basic 32GB version (possibly instead of the 16GB).

Well, to give new hope to the majority of users get a Chinese researcher, who suggests that the iPhone 7 should arrive in a version to 32GB of internal storage . In post (found immediately below) also referred to 2GB of RAM , just like the iPhone 6s.

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