Given the performance increasingly important mobile devices produce in terms of gaming , it’s easy to see how our friends smartphone have slowly replaced the handheld game consoles so laboriously market uptake. But what smartphone is ideal for gamers? According GameBench is iPhone 6.

The benchmark performed by GameBench starring iPhone 6 Galaxy S6, Google Nexus and HTC One 6 M9.On devices under analysis they were started several games from various houses in the development.

iPhone 6, according to the test, seems to triumph over competitors in terms of FPS lows that in terms of stability and average FPS, essential parameters to games that require high performance.


GameBench also points out how the games on iPhone use only a quarter of the RAM used by the same titles on Android. This shows, as is often brought to light by the portal, which is not necessarily a good hardware requirement to define a higher quality but that everything must be accompanied by an excellent software for optimizing performance. A concept very much present in the philosophy of design Apple especially with regard to areas such as the camera.

All this is also confirmed by the work of resizing that some securities have suffered during design of Android, the result of which is often lower than that obtained on iOS.

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