Three months to the presentation of the many rumored three new iPhone of 2018 but already leaks on the smartphones that Apple will launch next year. These concern, in particular, the technology for the displays and the photographic module.

The transition from LCD to OLED technology is underway, and according to rumors, two iPhone out of three in 2018 will use their own OLED display. The transition will obviously continue in 2019 and, according to the latest rumors, will cover all new models of the smartphone.

The news comes from ET News, which obtained information from sources close to the Cupertino company: « Apple has recently started making plans for the iPhone 2019 models and has decided to adopt OLED technology for all three versions», the source would have revealed.

Samsung is currently Apple’s only OLED display provider for iPhone X, but the Cupertino company would have invested millions of dollars to help LG improve its production. Not surprisingly, it is said that LG will provide the display for the “iPhone X Plus” this year.

As for the photographic module, at least one iPhone of 2019 – according to the Economic Daily News – will have a triple camera. This, thanks to the stereoscopic vision, would allow an advanced 3D detection, with sensors able to immortalize an object from different angles. The 3D detection system could also be used as a triangulation method to obtain information on the distance between the iPhone and the object and for functions related to augmented reality.

A module consisting of three lenses could support 3x optical zoom, and it would be the first time on an iPhone. For comparison, the dual cameras of the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X support 2x optical zoom.

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