It looks like a very old cheap Android phone, completely plastic on both the back and the front, it’s actually a never-before-seen prototype of the first iPhone from 2007

Do you remember the first iPhone? That model was released only in America but of which, several copies have also arrived in Italy?

Before Apple released that smartphone, several prototypes were created and we have seen several over time. Initially, fresh from the success of the iPods, Apple wanted to create an iPod capable of telephoning, always controlled by a rotating bezel. Luckily Steve Jobs saw us for a long time and the final smartphone was very different.

Every prototype of the first iPhone today is worth a lot of money but there is one we haven’t seen before.

It was from 2006, a year before the official launch, and it ended up in the hands of YouTuber Luke Miani. It is an iPhone with a completely black and plastic back, very different from the aluminium one released the following year.

It immediately appears as a cheap and plasticky smartphone. Even the front panel is made of plastic instead of glass.

On the back, we find a sticker with the origin of all the internal components and the software is the test software also present on other iPhone prototypes, consisting of a list of items, menus and options, one below the other, easily controlled by a ring. swivel.

The main problems that Apple had to face were certainly related to the weight of the device, after replacing the plastic on the back with aluminium and the plastic on the front with glass. The fact is that this prototype is now worth $ 500,000!

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