Small news coming to iPhone 13 on the connectivity side.

According to DigiTimes , the iPhone 13 will support the improved Wi-Fi 6E protocol , giving users access to an extended version of the WiFi 6 framework with the added benefit of a 6 GHz band.

Apple introduced support for Wi-Fi 6 with the iPhone 11 11 in 2019, and compared to the previous WiFi 5 framework, WiFi 6 offers significantly improved speed and security . Wi-Fi 6E actually offers minor improvements over its predecessor, with the exception of an additional 6 GHz band, which will result in more bandwidth and less interference for devices that support this protocol.

DigiTimes says that because Apple plans to include the new framework in this year’s flagship model, it will become the standard for iOS and Android devices next year, despite only being announced early last year.

Apple is poised to incorporate Wi-Fi 6E technology into 2021 iPhone models, and the technology is expected to become a standard feature of iOS and Android smartphones in 2022.

The report further states that the LiDAR scanner, currently only available on the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, will remain exclusive to these variants , in contrast to several leakers who previously said the sensor will also arrive on iPhone 13 and 13 models. mini.

Finally, DigiTimes confirms that this year will be a minor update compared to iPhone 12. The only new features will be: the A15 chip, smaller notch and the 120Hz ProMotion display.

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