In a note to investors, Kuo revealed that the iPhone 13‌ line will feature hardware capable of connecting to LEO satellites.

The iPhone 13 will be equipped with  LEO satellite communication  to allow users to make calls and send messages in areas without 4G or 5G coverage , according to trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo .

In the future, Kuo speculates that LEO satellite communication could also be used on the company’s AR headset, Apple Car, and other Internet of Things accessories. Additionally, the analyst says the iPhone 13 will use a customized version of the Qualcomm X60 modem chip . This chip will support satellite communications.

It is unclear whether sending messages and making satellite calls would only work with Apple services like iMessage and FaceTime, or whether the hi-tech giant will be able to pass satellite communications to standard cell towers. Furthermore, it is unclear whether satellite features would be free , such as GPS, or if they will be associated with usage charges.

Kuo added that LEO satellite communications are a 
technology comparable to 5G mmWave in terms of impact on the networking industry and that Apple could leverage both technologies. 
The analyst also reveals that Apple is “optimistic” on the trend of satellite communications and has set up a specific team for the research and development of technologies related to it “for some time”.
What do you think of this technology?

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