By now there is no doubt, the iPhone 13 Pro models will be equipped with LTPO display with 120Hz display.

According to a new report, iPhone 13 Pro models will be equipped with a low-power LTPO display, which will allow devices to have a 120Hz refresh rate without affecting battery life .

To date, all iPhones use 60Hz displays. This means that the content on the screen changes 60 times per second or every 16 milliseconds. A 120 Hz display refreshes faster, approximately every 8 milliseconds. This results in more responsive interactions, for example when scrolling a list.

Apple has introduced ProMotion technology to the iPad Pro range since 2017, although the tablet uses LCD displays instead of OLEDs. For two years now, many Android smartphones have been equipped with this type of display and now it’s time for Apple to conform to the market.

One of the common problems found on Android is that running at a high refresh rate significantly affects the battery life of the device , which is why Apple has delayed the introduction of the technology on the iPhone.

Finally, the iPhone 13 Pro models are expected to have the same battery capacity as the iPhone 12 Pro. The report states that the power consumption of the iPhone 13 components will be about 15% lower than the iPhone 12 . This is partly due to the adoption of LPTO displays, which are more energy efficient.

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