It is almost a certainty that the largest and most performing battery on all iPhone 13 models

The battery life of the next iPhone 13 could finally improve. It is not the first time we have heard such news regarding the next generation of smartphones, but this time we have some more details.

In particular, according to what reported by L0vetodream, which at the moment is the leaker with the highest percentage of news that have turned out to be correct, things will change in this way:

  • iPhone 13 Mini will go from 2,227 mAh of the previous model to 2,406 mAh of battery (registering an increase of 8%)
  • iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro will go from the previous 2,815 mAh to 3,095 mAh (an increase of 9.9%)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max will record the most important increase, going from 3,687 mAh of the 12 Pro Max to a whopping 4,352 mAh (an increase of 18%)

Ming-Chi Kuo also talked last March about bigger batteries for the entire iPhone 13 family, as well as improvements for 5G.

It is possible that this battery improvement will not actually be felt by users because the next 120 Hz refresh rate screens will require more power consumption, just like the presence of an Always-on mode that should not be missing in iOS 15. Consequently, the perception could remain unchanged compared to today even if the battery will be able to cover a greater number of requests and needs.

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