According to some rumors, the iPhone 12 models will be equipped with a ring of magnets that could be related to wireless charging

EverythingApplePro, reports that Chinese accessory makers believe the iPhone 12 will include a new set of internal magnets.

The iPad Pro is also equipped with a series of magnets that allow the use of various accessories such as the Magic Keyboard, but the usefulness on the iPhone 12 is unclear. The magnets are placed in the same place the wireless charging coil sits, so these could allow the device to charge on a wireless charging pad, presumably the AirPower.

Also, the magnets would help align the phone with the charging pad and prevent it from slipping off. This could somewhat mimic the Apple Watch magnetic charging experience.

As for the AirPower, Apple canceled development in March 2019, stating that the mat failed to meet its high standards, without diving into the details. Thanks to the patents, we know that the AirPower had several overlapping coils inside, and leaker Sonny Dickson previously indicated that one of the main problems with the mat was overheating.

The company had encountered problems with the Apple Watch because it uses “a proprietary optimized charging method ” that requires more energy, and in previous prototypes charging alongside other devices would have overheated the mat, literally causing a burn .

A few months ago, Prosser said Apple has overcome the overheating problem with its latest prototypes by reducing the number of coils and integrating an A11 chip that can dynamically handle the heat.

The leaker added that the mat could be released between the fourth quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 and these new images confirm that time frame.

During the keynote of September (or October), Apple could present both the new iPhone 12 models and the AirPower

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