The iPad Pro that was presented during the last Apple event, has some scary performances. It ‘really very powerful even if alas, all this power is sold at a high price.

The iPad Pro 2018 is faster than 92% of Windows laptops, said Apple, but in reality, it is faster than many Macs. A Benchmark has already been made with the Geekbench application and the score is impressive.

5030 points on the single core and up to 18,200 in multicore. These results correspond to those of the MacBook Pro 2018 with Intel i7 at 2.6 GHz.

So if we compare the price of the MacBook with the same power to that of the iPad Pro, we see that the first costs € 3399 while the tablet € 1289.

Last year’s iPad Pro, however, reaches 3908 in single core and 9310 in multi-core. Even the GPU has improved, up to 40%. The previous iPad Pro, in fact, obtained a score of about 30,000 while the new one exceeds 41,000.

Considering only the performance in single-core, at the time Apple sells only 1 Mac faster than the iPad Pro 2018 and is the MacBook Pro Core i9, whose starting price is € 3,739.

For the first time, an iOS device varies its RAM based on the size of the storage. In fact, all models have 4GB of RAM while the 1TB has 6GB of RAM.

Such a powerful device when not much but with the arrival of true desktop applications even on iPad things can get interesting. The arrival of Photoshop will be really important. As Apple strives, however, the iPad is not a computer and will never reach its flexibility and how to use it. In some circumstances, the tablet can also be improved in reality, allowing us to carry out actions more quickly than a computer but in other difference, you will notice more.

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