Small bezels, Touch ID integrated into the Power button and lots of space for the Apple Pencil.

There is talk of the new generation of iPad mini for several months now. In August, some molds for cases may have unveiled the design of the tablet in advance , a renewed “look” that is also confirmed by the latest images shared by a leaker in the last few hours.

MajinBu, offered the people of Twitter a first look at the iPad Mini 6 , a device with small dimensions but finally with an appearance in step with the times. In fact, it takes up the style of the latest iPad Pro and iPad Air , with frames reduced to a minimum, without a physical Home button but with Touch ID integrated into the on / off button. Its debut on the market perhaps this fall, alongside the new MacBook Pro.

Some details, however, cannot go unnoticed. Above all, the unusual position of the volume buttons . According to the images, Apple would have moved them to the top of the body, in the upper left corner holding the device in an upright position. This is to leave free all the right side to the Apple Pencil (not “mini” like the tablet), which will magnetically hook to the device.

Some might turn up their noses, but in reality the choice would make sense . Imagine using iPad Mini 6 with a Smart Keyboard Folio, and then holding it horizontally: in such a situation, it would be impossible to reach the volume buttons if positioned on the left side of the body (and therefore facing downwards).

It should be noted that we are moving in the field of rumors and that – as in other cases – the photos and information shared by the leakers, however reliable they are, should always be taken with a grain of salt .

What do you think? Will this really be the case with iPad Mini 6?

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