The time has finally come to update our iPhones to iOS 16. Released right now, iOS 16 brings many new features and a completely revolutionary Unlock Screen from a graphic and customization point of view. Day after day, you will realize that many iPhone functions are improved, with more options and functions that simplify your life, such as the automatic detection of duplicate images and contacts or the ability to cut out people, objects, or animals from a photo with just a touch.

How to prepare your iPhone for iOS 16 to update it correctly:

The very first thing you should do before upgrading to iOS 16 is to read this article. This is a very detailed guide we have created for you with instructions and things to know that should not be overlooked. They will allow you to update to iOS 16 optimally and get good performance immediately after the update.

All News in writing:

Lock screen

  • The revamped lock screen design gives you new ways to personalize it by showing your favourite photos, changing font styles, adding widgets and more.
  • You can create multiple lock screens and easily switch between them.
  • The lock screen gallery offers suggestions tailored to you, as well as Apple-selected collections.
  • Font and colour options allow you to customize the appearance of the date and time on the lock screen.
  • Lock screen widgets show information at a glance, such as the weather, battery level, upcoming calendar events, and more.
  • A new effect places the main subject of the photo in front of the time (iPhone XS and later).
  • Photo styles change the colour filter, tint and font style on the lock screen to harmonize them.
  • Notifications are shown at the bottom of the lock screen and can be viewed in the form of a list, collection or count.

Full immersion

  • You can link the lock screen to a full immersion for it to activate when you switch to the corresponding screen.
  • Full immersion filters help you avoid distractions in apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, Safari, and other third-party apps.
  • The streamlined setup makes it quick and easy to get started with full immersions, with bespoke home and lock screen tips that include apps and widgets relevant to the full immersion you’re setting up.


  • Edit a message within 15 minutes of sending it; recipients will be able to view the history of changes.
  • Cancel sending a message to call it back within 2 minutes of sending it.
  • Mark a conversation as unread to easily find it later.
  • SharePlay via Messaging lets you watch a movie, listen to music, play a video game, and more with friends while texting.
  • Easily invite others to collaborate on a file via Messages, and get updates on activity in the conversation when someone edits a shared project.


Improved search offers more accurate and complete results and displays suggestions as soon as you start typing.
Cancel sending a message to cancel delivery within 10 seconds after pressing Send.
Schedule an email to be delivered on a specific day and time.
Email notifications to remember to allow you to schedule a specific day and time to receive a reminder about a message.

Safari and passkey

  • Share a group of panels with other people and instantly view updates as you collaborate.
  • The opening pages of the panel groups can be customized with different background images and favorites.
  • Set up different panels in each group to quickly access the websites you visit most often.
  • Safari web page translation is now available in Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Polish, Indonesian and Dutch.
  • Passkeys provide an easier and more secure login method for replacing passwords.
  • Synchronizing passkeys via iCloud Keychain makes them available on all your Apple devices using end ‑ to ‑ end encryption.

Active text

  • Live Text compatibility with video lets you interact with text in a paused frame to copy, translate, search for information, share it, and more (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later).
  • Quick Actions analyze data captured in photos and videos to allow you with a single tap to track flight or shipment status, translate foreign languages, convert currencies, and more (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later models).

Visual search

  • “Lift Subject From Background” isolates the subject of an image so you can copy and paste it into apps like Mail and Messages (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later).
  • Visual Search now recognizes birds, insects, spiders and statues in photos (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later).


  • The simplified configuration of Quick Commands allows you to perform quick commands with Siri as soon as you download an app, without having to set them up previously (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later models).
  • A new setting allows you to send messages without Siri asking for confirmation.


  • The new Dictation experience is compatible with using the voice and keyboard at the same time to enter and edit text (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later).


  • Multi-Stop Routes allow you to add up to fifteen stops along your driving routes in Maps.
  • Add transport cards to Wallet to check if the available balance is low and to top them up without leaving Maps.
  • Travel rates show you the cost of travel in the San Francisco Bay Area and London, New York and San Diego.

Apple Pay and Wallet

  • Order tracking with Apple Pay allows you to receive detailed information in Wallet on receipts and order processing for purchases made with Apple Pay at participating merchants.


  • The new Home app design makes it easier to locate, organize, view and control smart home accessories.
  • The Home panel now groups all accessories, rooms and scenes together to give you an overview of the entire home at a glance.
  • Categories for climate, lights, speakers and televisions, security and water give you quick access to related accessories divided by room and show detailed information about their status.
  • The new camera view shows up to four cameras in the center of the Home panel, with the ability to scroll to view the others.
  • The new accessory tile design includes more recognizable icons that match the colour of the category, as well as new interactions that allow for more precise control of accessories.


  • The Medicines feature helps you track and manage the medicines, vitamins and supplements you take by creating a list, personalized schedules and reminders, as well as allowing you to view your intake history.
  • Cycle abnormality notifications alert you when the data you enter shows a tendency to infrequent, irregular or prolonged periods or persistent spotting.
  • Health data sharing invitations allow your loved ones to share their health information with you easily and securely.
  • Health data sharing reminders give you transparency and control over the medical information you share with your loved ones.

In family

  • The improved setup of child accounts makes it easy to create a child account with the correct parental controls, including age-appropriate media restrictions.
  • Child Device Setup allows you to use Get Started to prepare a new iOS or iPadOS device for a child with the parental controls you want.
  • Screen Time requests in Messages make it even easier to approve or deny your children’s requests.
  • Family Checklist gives you tips and tricks, for example, to update parental control settings for a child, to turn on location sharing, or just to remind you to share your iCloud + subscription.

Security control

  • “Security Control” is a new section of Settings designed to help people in situations of domestic or partner violence to quickly initialize access permissions granted to others.
  • “Emergency Initialization” lets you take quick action to revoke access for all people and apps, such as turning off location sharing via Find My, initializing app permissions, and more.
  • Sharing and access management helps you review and customize the apps and people who have access to your information.


  • Door detection in the Lens app locates doors, reads surrounding signs and symbols, and instructs you to open them (iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro).
  • “Apple Watch Mirroring” gives you complete control over all Apple Watch features from iPhone and is compatible with using “Switch Control”, “Voice Control” and other accessibility features on the iPhone to get the most out of the Apple Watch.
  • “Shared Controller” combines the inputs of various controllers into one to help users with cognitive disabilities receive assistance while playing from their carers.
  • VoiceOver is now available for over 20 new languages, including Bengali (India), Bulgarian, Catalan, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

This version also includes other improvements and features:

  • The Fitness app lets you track and reach your physical activity goals even if you don’t have an Apple Watch yet, using the iPhone’s motion sensors to give you an estimate of calories burned for your daily Movement goal.
  • Compatibility with AirPods Pro (2nd generation).
  • Personalized Spatial Audio uses the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera to create a personal profile and deliver a more accurate and immersive listening experience on AirPods (3rd generation), AirPods Pro (1st and 2nd generation) and AirPods Max.
  • Handoff in FaceTime allows you to easily transfer FaceTime calls from iPhone to iPad or Mac and vice versa.
  • Updates to Memoji include more poses, hairstyles, headdresses, noses and lip colours for the stickers.
  • Camera translation allows you to translate the text around you by framing it with the camera in the Translate app.
  • Duplicate Detection in Photos identifies extra copies of images to help you organize your library.
  • Foreground blur in photos taken in Portrait mode with the Camera app blurs closest objects for a more realistic depth of field effect (iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max).
  • Highlighted lists in Reminders help you quickly find the ones you access most often.
  • Search on the Home screen lets you access Spotlight directly from the bottom of the screen to open apps, find contacts, or search for information on the web with ease.
  • Automatically send messages in CarPlay without having to confirm the dictated text.
  • Rapid security interventions can be applied automatically between a standard software update and the next to introduce important security enhancements to devices even faster.

IOS 16 Download:

There are two ways to upgrade. The first is via OTA (over-the-air) by going to Settings> General> Software update. The second, on the other hand, is the classic system, via computer and cable. If you want to use the second method, you will also have to download the iOS 16 firmware specific to your iPhone model and below you will find all the downloads:

  • iPhone 8 (CDMA / GSM / LTE)  (iPhone10,1) –  Download
  • iPhone 8 Plus (CDMA / GSM / LTE)  (iPhone10,2) –  Download
  • iPhone X (CDMA / GSM / LTE)  (iPhone10,3) –  Download
  • iPhone 8 (GSM / LTE)  (iPhone10,4) –  Download
  • iPhone 8 Plus (GSM / LTE)  (iPhone10,5) –  Download
  • iPhone X (GSM / LTE)  (iPhone10,6) –  Download
  • iPhone XS  (iPhone11,2) –  Download
  • iPhone XS Max  (iPhone11,4) –  Download
  • iPhone XS Max (China)  (iPhone11,6) –  Download
  • iPhone XR  (iPhone11,8) –  Download
  • iPhone 11  (iPhone12,1) –  Download
  • iPhone 11 Pro  (iPhone12,3) –  Download
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max  (iPhone12,5) –  Download
  • iPhone SE 2nd Gen (iPhone12,8) – Download
  • iPhone 12 Mini (iPhone13,1) – Download
  • iPhone 12 (iPhone13,2) – Download
  • iPhone 12 Pro (iPhone13,3) – Download
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max (iPhone13,4) – Download
  • iPhone 13 Pro (iPhone14,2) – Download
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max (iPhone14,3) – Download
  • iPhone 13 Mini (iPhone14,4) – Download
  • iPhone 13 (iPhone14,5) – Download
  • iPhone SE 3rd Gen (iPhone14,6) – Download
  • iPhone 14  (iPhone14,7) –  Download
  • iPhone 14 Plus  (iPhone14,8) –  Download
  • iPhone 14 Pro  (iPhone15,2) –  Download
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max  (iPhone15,3) –  Download

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