Apple has updated the iOS 16 wallpapers to take advantage of the always-on display in the future.

From the iOS 16, the beta 4 code further confirms the arrival of the always-on display on the iPhone 14 Pro.

As discovered by 9to5Mac, the latest beta version of ‌iOS 16‌ adds a new “Sleep” state to the default wallpapers. The new “Sleep” mode is a darker version of the wallpapers, better suited to be shown on an always-on display. In simpler terms, the new “Sleep” state could be described as a photographic filter that can be applied to any image the user chooses to use as a background.

As 9to5Mac notes, it appears that Apple will replicate the behaviour we find on the Apple Watch on the iPhone 14 Pro. The Apple Watch Series 5 and later with an always-on display shows a darker version of the dial until the wrist is raised. Similarly, the iPhone 14 Pro‌ may show a darker version of the wallpaper until the user unlocks it.

With the new “Sleep” mode, therefore, users will be able to see their wallpaper and information, such as the time and lock screen widgets, even when their display is not active.

However, it’s important to note that the always-on display will only come on the Pro models in the iPhone 14 range.

The technology will come to the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ thanks to more advanced displays that feature a refresh rate of just 1Hz . iPhone 13 Pro and ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌ Max are equipped with ProMotion technology but can go up to a maximum of 120 Hz and a minimum of 10 Hz. Compared to the iPhone 13 Pro‌, the refresh rate is 1 Hz lower than the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ series. will improve energy efficiency with an always-on display.

Finally, Apple is expected to introduce four new iPhone models this year. However, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be the only ones to have a faster chip and a new notch design with a pill-shaped cutout. In addition, a new 48-megapixel wide-angle camera that can shoot 8K video will arrive on the Pro models.

Not only. Pro models will also receive the biggest front-facing camera upgrade in years with a new lens with a wider f / 1.9 aperture and autofocus for better low-light performance.

As for the standard iPhone 14 models, however, they will continue to use the same A15 chip as the iPhone 13 and will receive minor camera upgrades, larger batteries and 6GB of RAM instead of 4GB. The most notable upgrade for the standard models this year will be the replacement of the “mini” model with a new 6.7-inch model called the ” iPhone 14 Max “.

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