Apple has kept its promises and finally activated the plant recognition feature in iOS 15.4

In June of last year, during WWDC 2021, Apple announced a novelty of iOS 15 related to the Photos app.ADVERTISING

Artificial intelligence would have been able to recognize plants and automatically provide us with information about them. Until now, however, this recognition has not worked. Apple activated it with iOS 15.4 and we show you how it works. Just take a photo of a seedling, incredibly works even with fake plants.

Click on this information / more details symbol and you will find a new menu that says “ Search – Plan “. Here finally Siri will be able to tell you what plant it is, what it’s called, the similar images on the web and several articles that you can read for more information. This way you will also be able to understand how much light and water that specific type of plant needs and improve your green thumb.

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