The bug could share Siri recordings with Apple even if a user had disabled the sharing option.

In 2019, Apple introduced a new option that allows users to opt out of sharing their Siri recordings with it due to privacy concerns. While this option is still available in iOS 15, it appears that it didn’t work as expected. The company has now fixed the bug in the second beta of iOS 15.4.

In the very first versions of iOS 15 there was a bug that involved sharing conversations with Siri on corporate servers even when the user had chosen not to share them.

Once this problem was identified, Apple immediately ran for cover with iOS 15.2 , completely removing the sharing function.

Only now, with iOS 15.4 beta 2, the sharing function becomes available again and works correctly. If the option is disabled, no recording will be shared with Apple, if instead it is enabled you will contribute to the improvement of Siri by sharing your audio requests addressed to the voice assistant with Apple’s servers.

According to Apple, any recordings that were improperly shared due to the bug were deleted from the company’s servers soon after the problem was identified.

With iOS 15.2, we disabled the Enhance Siri and Dictation setting for many users while we fixed a bug introduced with iOS 15. This bug inadvertently enabled the setting for a small portion of devices. Since we identified the bug, we have stopped reviewing and are deleting the audio received from all affected devices.

Apple uses the records of people interacting with Siri to check if the assistant answered questions correctly in order to improve functionality.

We can enable or disable the option to share Siri recordings with Apple at any time by going to Settings> Privacy> Analytics and improvements.

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