Here are 37 new emojis designed by Apple in iOS 15.4 beta 1

There are already many emojis on our smartphones, some of which are practically never used but, with iOS 15.4 beta 1, Apple has introduced 37 new emojis plus additional variations for the color of the skin.

This is the Emoji 14.0 update finalized by Unicode last September. The new smileys are not exclusive to Apple but it is the introduction of new symbols that the various companies can then encode in “drawings”, as have also been doing for years Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook and so on.

Among the new smilies we find one practically melted from the heat, one that covers his face with his hands, a military salute, a moved face with tears of happiness, hands with various gestures, the man holding his belly, a sexy mouth and much more.

If you have already installed the beta 1 of iOS 15.4 you will already find the new emojis available in the appropriate keyboard but if you use them, sending them to some friends who have not yet updated to this beta version, unfortunately they will not be able to see them: on their smartphone question marks will appear inside a rectangle.

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