The next version of iOS, arriving in the coming weeks, introduces a new section in the Settings app.

With iOS 15.2 , version in the last stages of beta testing , Apple will add a new section called ” Parts and Service History ” in the Settings app that will allow users to view the service history of their iPhones and confirm that the components used for repairs are they original.

As noted in a new support document , iPhone users who have iOS 15.2 or later installed will be able to go to Settings> General> About  to access Parts and Service History . The Parts History and Service section will only be available if repairs have been made to your iPhone‌.

Apple will provide different component information depending on the iPhone‌ version:

  • For ‌iPhone‌ XR, XS, XS Max and later, including iPhone SE (2nd generation), we can see if the battery has been replaced.
  • For the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, we can see if the battery or display has been replaced.
  • For the ‌iPhone 12‌ and iPhone 13‌ models, we can see if the battery, display or camera has been replaced.

If a repair was performed with genuine Apple parts and tools, repairs in this section will be listed as “Genuine Apple Part”.

The message “Unknown part” will be displayed if the repair of a part is incomplete, the part has been replaced with a non-genuine component, the part has already been used or installed in another ‌iPhone‌, or if the part does not function as expected.

In previous versions of iOS, we can only find out if a replacement part is identified as unknown.

Apple says the messages in the new section will not affect the ability to use ‌iPhone‌, its battery, display or camera. The information is collected and stored on the device and Apple uses it for service needs, security analysis and to improve future products.

What do you think of this novelty?

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