PencilKit in iPadOS 14 will allow the translation of OCR text in almost all apps

iOS 14 may include a new PencilKit feature that will allow us to handwrite text into any text entry field using Apple Pencil, with the content being converted to standard text before it is sent.

So, for example, we may be able to touch a text field in Messages with the Apple Pencil, hand-write a message to someone, automatically convert it to a more easily readable typewritten text and then send it.

According to information obtained from MacRumors , the PencilKit function seems to work in any text input field available in iOS , making it compatible with Messages, Notes, Reminders, Calendar, Mail and more. A mobile interface will appear every time you touch a text field with your pencil, allowing for written insertion.

Apple does not currently have a feature that converts handwritten content into typed content, but the Notes app has features that recognize handwritten words and allow you to search for them. It appears that third-party apps can also access a PencilKit tool that will support some sort of new handwriting feature, but its extension is unclear.

It is not known if the functionality will be released on iOS 14‌. According to rumors, Apple is taking a new approach to iOS development that will allow you to activate and deactivate some features if they are not ready for launch to reduce bugs.

Along with the handwriting feature on the text, it also appears that the company is working on a shape drawing feature called ” Magic Fill “, which applies texture or color to a shape drawn by the user.

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