According to reports from Apple, iOS 14 is running on 72% of all devices in circulation and 81% of devices introduced in the past four years, showing that adoption rates are higher than iOS 13.

Apple has finally updated its iOS adoption numbers, giving us a first look at the official iOS 14 adoption rates. According to the company’s data, iOS 14 is installed on 81% of iPhones introduced in the past four years .

17% of these devices continue to run iOS 13, while 2% are running an older version of iOS. The report shows that of all devices Apple sells, 72% are running iOS 14 and 18% are running iOS 13 . This means that only 10% of Apple users still use operating systems older than iOS 13.

As for iPads, 75% of all iPads introduced in the past four years use iPadOS. 22% are running iPadOS 13 and 3% are using an older version of iOS.

61% of all iPads in circulation are running iPadOS 14 , 21% are using iPadOS 13, and 18% are using an older version of iOS.

The high adoption rates are a result of the wide availability of operating system updates. iOS 14 can be installed on iPhone 6S, released in 2015, and later. This is an advantage over Android. Google’s mobile operating system is much more fragmented, and the adoption rates of each new version are generally much lower.

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