We have already seen many of the changes made on iOS 13 and now, a small but important change to the HomePod pairing process has been found.

Previously, to configure the HomePod, it was necessary to keep it next to the iPhone and start the pairing process in the style of AirPods. Once associated, the device emitted a sound to make the user understand that the process had been successful.

In iOS 13, however, the new HomePod configuration interface requires scanning the LED pattern of the Apple speaker display via iPhone or iPad. This message is displayed during the setup wizard on the iPhone, requiring the use of the device’s camera to complete the operation

iOS 13 includes several new features for HomePod users. First, HomePod can now recognize different voices, offering a new multi-user experience. This means that Siri can customize his answers based on the person he is talking to.

HomePod also adds support for Handoff this year. If we enter a room with music played on our iPhone, with a simple operation we can continue to play the song on the speaker without interruption. There is also support for the integration of HomePod in automation in the Home app and in shortcuts.

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