The designer Jacek Zięba has developed a new concept video dedicated to iOS 11, Apple’s next mobile operating system version. Let’s find out what are the possible things to come this year and how they could be implemented on our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

In the concept realized we can see how they implemented some of the most anticipated features of iOS 11. In particular we see the long-awaited ” Night Mode ” which darkens all the bright colors of the operating system, creating a nice visual effect when you use your device in night hours. There is then shown how Split View could be implemented on the iPhone; the function currently only available on the iPad, which allows you to use two applications simultaneously on the device screen. We also know about expectations of  FaceTime calls  among multiple users, that has already been mentioned in several rumors in recent weeks. Also, Multi-user on the iPad, the ability to delete the cache of applications and much more.

In short, in addition to providing a preview of the new expectations, the concept by the designer also manages to impress because of his faithfulness to the style used by Apple.


You instead?  What novelties expect more from iOS 11? Would you like to see features in the concept?

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