Apple has surpassed improving host of features with iOS 10 , features two smaller, but worthy of mention, concern the call system. E ‘was introduced a system of transcription of voicemail telephone and release of the API for developers, who can now integrate within the VoIP capabilities of the iOS app.

With regard to the first, it will go to simplify the use of the answering machine, the transcription function, in fact, transform the voice messages in our box, in the form of text, thus eliminating the need to listen to them. The transcripts will also appear in the improved iOS notification system 10, thus saving us from unlocking the device.

The second change is related to the world of developers, they will integrate within the VoIP capabilities of the iOS app. In the contacts screen then, where we display all the means at our disposal to communicate with a person (call, facetime, messages etc) will also appear VoIP applications like Whatsapp of audio calls, Skype, Tango etc.

When you get a new call, will appear with the classic screen on our phone but we will have information on the source from which the call comes (eg Whatsapp Audio). We will also have information on the numbers that disturb, such as call centers, classified as Spam.

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