iOS 10 already comes in version 10.0.1!

Compatible devices:


  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5


  • iPad Pro 12.9 “
  • iPad Pro 9.7 “
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad (fifth generation)
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad Mini 2


  • iPod Touch (sixth generation)



  • Send SMS pop-up effect, Delicate, Impact or “Magic Ink”.
  • Use the full-screen effects to celebrate special moments.
  • Add a comment to messages, links and photos with the new Tapback functionality.
  • Send handwritten messages.
  • Send drawings, or touches the heartbeat with Digital Touch.
  • Select a word to replace it with the corresponding emoji.
  • New option that shows previews of web pages link you share.
  • IMessage app
  • New App Store for iMessage
  • Use the Messages app to share items and collaborate with other users.
  • Download the stickers, use them or send them the pictures and messages comics.



  • Siri adds support for different types of apps
  • Support for app messaging to send, search, and read text messages.
  • Support for VoIP app to make calls.
  • Support for photography apps to browse images and photos.
  • Support for apps that offer alternative methods of transport.
  • Support for payment app to transfer money.
  • App support for physical activity monitoring to start, pause or stop a workout.
  • Support for app automakers compatible with CarPlay to adjust the air conditioning, the seat, the personal settings or use the radio.


  • new design
  • Dynamic Tips for places where you want you bear according to your daily routine or for appointments on the calendar.
  • improved search and new design for captions, suggestions groups and filters for categories.
  • Ability to zoom to the home address, job, favorite places and of the place which will host future events on the calendar.
  • Ability to view where you parked your car via Bluetooth or CarPlay.
  • Chance to see the weather information for the displayed areas.
  • extensions
  • Book a table directly from Maps app by allowing the reservation of tables.
  • Book a run directly from Maps app by providing alternative transport services.
  • Improvements to the step by step navigation
  • Search petrol stations, restaurants and bars along the way.
  • Automatic route sight adjustment.
  • Ability to use the zoom options and panoramic during navigation.
  • Chance to avoid tolls and highways.


  • Advanced facial recognition option designed to automatically group similar faces.
  • Shape recognition of objects and scenes to look intelligently the content of a photo by means of computer vision systems that analyze the images locally in the library of your device.
  • Album of places to see photos, videos and Live Photo on the map.
  • memories
  • forgotten events, travel and people are highlighted and presented in a captivating collection.
  • Video memory automatically created with background music, titles and transitions.
  • Chance to rediscover photos with similar content to those found in video memory in your collections, based on location, day, people, scenes and objects.
  • Ability to share video memories easily with family and friends.
  • Ability to make changes to the settings of brightness, the points of light and contrast in specific areas of the picture thanks to the option of the brightness control.


  • New Home app to manage and safely control the HomeKit enabled accessories.
  • Ability to control groups of accessories with a simple touch through different scenes.
  • Ability to control the accessories through quick actions directly from the notification.
  • Ability to share access to your home with family members and friends.
  • Ability to access remotely and automatically to accessories via Apple TV or iPad.

Apple Music

  • Apple’s new Music design enriches the user experience through increased clarity and simplicity.
  • Explore the contents of your library with the new improved menu and displays the downloaded music to listen offline.
  • Discover the music recommended in the “For You” with collections, playlists, albums and Connect content selected based on the music and the artists you like.
  • See section Learn to listen to music exclusively, find playlists created by the major musical curators and discover new releases choices weekly from Apple.
  • Listening to the radio, the live content on Beats 1, your favorite programs on-demand or search stations specially created for all kinds of music.
  • From the new screen “Now Playing”, by swiping your finger up, you can read the lyrics of songs, check what song you’re listening to and edit the music in the queue.

Apple News

  • Renewed design of the “For You” section, with even more clear, attractive colors and sections with articles on specific topics.
  • Read the most important articles of the day updated by Apple publishers in the day in the news section in the foreground.
  • Find the most popular items in the news section dedicated to the most popular on the basis of what is read by other users.
  • Read the articles more easily thanks to the sections dedicated to topics that follow.
  • Discover the most interesting articles of the week chosen by Apple publishers.
  • Share an article by tapping the share icon directly from the “For You” section.
  • Receive real-time notifications from the warheads that are most reliable.
  • Subscribe to magazines and newspapers favorites directly from the app News.
  • Stay up to date in real time thanks to the widget News in Today view.

user experience

  • Ability to automatically activate the screen when you lift iPhone via the “Raise to activate.”
  • Notifications that support real-time information, audio, photos and video.
  • View Today redesigned with support for the new native app widgets like Weather, Upcoming Events, Maps, Stocks and more.
  • a redesigned control center to allow easier access to the controls and specific panels for music playback or app House.
  • Enhanced use of 3D technology Touch.
  • On-screen notifications locked to support the expanded view and access the quick actions.
  • New quick actions for native apps such as Maps, Stocks, Reminder, Health, Home, FaceTime, iCloud Drive and Settings.
  • Home screen widget.
  • Ability to access quick actions to activate the flashlight, a timer or use the calculator and the camera directly from the Control Center.
  • Ability to delete the notifications received in the Notifications Center.


  • Send new emoji with further variants that comply with gender diversity as a single-parent family or the rainbow flag and discover the new design introduced for the most popular.
  • contextual suggestions based on where you are, with recent addresses, the contact information and availability on the calendar thanks to the DNN technology based on deep neural networks.
  • Tips for emoji.
  • The Calendar events are completed intelligently thanks to “Deep learning” technology by information derived from conversations in Mail and Messages.
  • Ability to write simultaneously in two different languages without having to switch between keyboard thanks to the option of multilingual typing.
  • Ability to intelligently adapt the use of the iPad compared to your personal writing mode.
  • Using DNN technology for predictive writing for greater accuracy of the tips.


  • Ability to receive a transcript of received voicemail messages (beta).
  • Option to receive alerts for unwanted calls thanks to the app that allow you to identify unwanted spam calls.
  • Support for third-party app to receive VoIP calls with screen locked, including support for calls on hold and mute and “do not disturb.”

further improvements

  • Pay for Apple Safari.
  • Ability to view two pages at once using the “Split View” option in Safari on iPad.
  • Ability to collaborate on the content of the shared notes and option to invite others.
  • Ability to use the editing option of content in messages, photos and PDF found in the notes.
  • Sleep option to help you keep regular rhythms of sleep and wakefulness and ability to receive alerts that tell you when is the best time to go to sleep.
  • Support for health data and information relating to the donation of organs of Health (US only).
  • Stabilization Live Photo for higher quality shots.
  • Ability to use filters with Live Photo.
  • iCloud Drive support for folders, documents and desktops from MacOS.
  • Results of dynamic search of Spotlight (available only for Chinese and Japanese).
  • New variants of Siri in Spanish (Chile), Chinese (Cantonese), English (Ireland and South Africa).
  • Font Ling Wai and Kaiti Black for Chinese.
  • Font Yu Kyokasho and Toppan Bunkyu for Japanese.
  • New dictionaries in Chinese, Danish and bilingual dictionaries in Dutch and Italian.
  • New keyboard for Spanish (Latin America).


  • Possibility of using the iPhone or iPad camera as a digital magnifying glass.
  • New range of color filters to the screen to support different types of color blindness or other visual pathologies.
  • Ability to customize the pronunciation of certain words through the pronunciation editor VoiceOver, support for additional audio sources and multiple voices.
  • Additional text highlighting options for features “Read screen” and “Speak Selection” option to request the reading of letters on the keyboard and predictive writing tips that support multimodal learning.
  • Ability to control iOS, MacOS and TVOS by the iPhone or iPad thanks to the “Control switches”, so as not to need to configure the switches on the secondary device.
  • Ability to make and receive calls via the TTY software option without needing to use traditional hardware accessories telescrittura.

How do you upgrade to iPhone OS 10?

10 iOS is available via OTA update. then go into Settings> General> Software Update. Should you not see the update, wait a few minutes and try again. Alternatively, you can download the firmware from the following links:

  • Incoming links

After completing the download of the firmware on your computer, you should connect the terminal via the Lightning cable. ITunes will open on the screen dedicated to the device and just hit Shift on Windows computers, or ALT key on the Mac keyboard while the Refresh button on iTunes selected. It will open a selection window where you have to choose the .ipsw file you just downloaded.

You can switch to iOS 10 also by restoring . And ‘what we recommend to all when there is a major release of the firmware (in this case the transition from iOS 9 to 10) to have a clean system that does not drag with him bugs and slowdowns due to the previous version of the software. When you are upgrading, found in the phone all the files, photos, installed apps and more. With the other hand Restore it will delete everything and the phone will restart as if it were new. If you intend to proceed with a reset therefore, you should know that it will take more time and you’ll have to re-download your favorite apps from the App Store, re-sync photos from your computer or from some applications, re-synchronize contacts from iCloud or Gmail and so on. All the extra time it takes will still be paid off because the system will be more fluid and give you fewer problems over time than those who go to iOS 10 with an update or than those who restore a previous backup to phone.

What do you think of IOS 10 and what do we think?

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