Apple has just released the new beta 5 versions of all operating systems. The most interesting release will definitely iOS 10 beta 5, but are also available MacOS Sierra 10:12 beta 5, watchOS 3 beta 5 and TVOS 10 beta 5.

New in iOS 10 beta 5

Smart Battery Case – The iPhone 6 and 6s should now work properly with Apple’s Smart Battery Case. According to the iOS 10 release notes, the case will no longer cause devices to panic.

Photos – Apple plans to reprocess facial recognition data in beta 5, so all named, favorited, and merged face data will be reset.

Lock sound – There’s a new sound when locking the iPhone. It sounds like a door closing.

New Output icon – The output icon seen in the Control Center, the Music app, and other locations in iOS has been slightly tweaked. It is no longer represented by headphones and instead resembles a triangle with sound waves.


Settings – The “Home” section in the Settings app has been removed on the iPhone, as it served no purpose, but it remains available on the iPad.

Widgets – The new widgets panel, accessible by swiping to the right, now displays the date on all devices.

We are already downloading updates and then realize a complete article with all the news we can find.The item will be constantly updated and can help you too, through comments, to report the news.

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