If you are currently running the beta version 7 of IOS 10.3, but you can not see the new update IOS 10.3 software , there is an easier way than to restore through iTunes in DFU to force the device to see the update. We will need to remove the profile iOS Beta software before the device will be able to show the final version of iOS 10.3. In this tutorial, step-by-step guide will show you how.

How to force upgrade to the final version of IOS 10.3

1.  Open the Settings → General → profile.

2. Tap Delete profile under the heading iOS Beta Software profile.

3.  Enter your passcode, and tap Delete to confirm.

4.  Restart the iOS device.

5.  Open the Settings → General → Software Update to check that the iOS 10.3 update is available.

The elimination of the beta profile and reboot allows the device to see the update

Our device will now be able to download and install the final version of IOS 10.3, instead of indicating that the software is already updated.

The same operation can also be performed on Apple Watch, removing the beta profile on iPhone Watch> General> Profiles and then restarting the device.

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