The Cupertino giant, according to the latest rumors, could replace aluminum with titanium.

Apple would be considering the idea of using titanium as a material for the bodies of future iPads , thus replacing the aluminum of the current models. The indiscretion comes from the Digitimes editorial staff .

Note that this is not the first time rumors of this type have been circulating. A titanium body would certainly be more resistant than aluminum and would lighten the total weight of the Apple tablet. The Cupertino company has already used this material with Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Card.

The rumor follows in the footsteps of a report from last month that suggested the use of titanium, yes, but on the high-end iPhones planned for 2022 .

Titanium offers several advantages, such as improved scratch resistance, but it is also a more difficult material to engrave . However, this shouldn’t be a hindrance for Apple, which has developed a chemical sandblasting and etching process that gives the titanium shell a glossy finish.

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