Google finds a solution to improve SMS conversations between iOS users and Android users.

For several years the iOS (and macOS) Messages application has allowed the use of “reactions” in conversations , in order to make them more dynamic and fluid. These can be used not only in iMessage, but also with traditional messages, for example received from an Android device . In this regard, however, there is a problem.

When used, the reactions available in Messages (in total there are 6, to view them just a long tap on the cloud of a message) are obviously displayed correctly, like badges. On Android, however, this does not happen and the “reaction” is sent to the recipient in the form of text . The result is anything but user friendly, especially for those who know that reactions exist.

Well, the situation is bound to change soon. 9to5Google has in fact dug into the code of the latest beta of the Google Messages app and found that the latter will be able to translate reactions into emojis . In fact, the code reads:

Show iPhone reactions as emoji.

The update would already be released for several users, here are some screens:

A small step to improve SMS conversations between iOS and Android users, then. What do you think?

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