It is the Apple Watch of the future .. what we dream of watching science fiction movies but Apple has filed the patent

The first iPhone with a flexible screen is expected by 2024 but it is possible that Apple will try this technology first on the Apple Watch, as it usually does. This is how the wrap-around display watch was born!

You’ve probably only seen something like this in science fiction movies, but a new Apple patent describes an Apple Watch consisting primarily of a full-surface screen , including the strap part.

A single body, which can show more information than the current screen. The straps would be replaced by a flexible screen that we could obviously customize in color by simulating a new strap.

The patent explains how it is possible to integrate batteries and other sensors inside a casing in the back of the display that would allow this project to come to life. Using OLED screens could reduce the frames to a minimum obtaining a good result. At the moment on the market we already find Fitness Band with flexible and elongated display, however the Apple project is much more ambitious.

For the moment it seems something rather distant but this is probably the future. What do you think?

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