iCloud + offers several new features at no extra cost!

A great keynote full of news what Apple is holding today. The company unveiled a new version of its cloud storage service, called “ iCloud + “, with several new features  for the same price as the regular subscription .

The first big news is Private Relay. Thanks to the feature,  all outgoing traffic from our device is encrypted and sent through two separate relays . Apple claims that no one, not even Apple itself, can access or view this data.

The new Private Relay feature essentially acts as a VPN, allowing users to browse Safari more securely and privately. Apple noted that network providers and websites combine user identity and browsing history to develop a profile, which Private Relay will help prevent.

Hide My Email , on the other hand, is a new feature built into Mail, Safari and other services and allows us to send random and unique emails that are forwarded to our main account. This means we can hide our email from services for more privacy.

iCloud + will also offer built-in support for HomeKit secure cameras, allowing users to connect an unlimited number of cameras. And all recordings saved on iCloud + will not count in a user’s iCloud storage space .

Remember that all users will be able to upgrade to iCloud + at no additional cost !

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