Huawei Technologies , the Chinese giant with an ever-widening portfolio of technologies and products apparently has no appeal for its founder’s daughter – despite being head of the financial office.

Meng Wenzhou called for media attention when she was caught by police in Vancouver last December on charges of violating US sanctions against Iran. The sensational arrest brought the stock market down and ended with China’s arrest of two Canadians, probably in retaliation.

The Canadian police may have been a bit surprised when they confiscated the effects of Meng, because although he is a senior executive at Huawei it seems that his reference company is Apple.

Meng went through the Vancouver airport with an iPhone 7 Plus , a MacBook Air and an iPad Pro , according to an article by Bloomberg , which found this information in the legal files.

To be honest we must recognise that there was a Huawei device (and only one) among its objects: the latest P20 mobile phone with Porsche design.

Huawei has been very hard on employees who do not use their products, recently lowering two managers who sent New Year’s greetings from an iPhone. It is unlikely that the founder’s daughter will suffer such treatment, as it is clear that she already has more problems to deal with.

Huawei has seen market share increase in China since Apple has difficulties, with the expectation that things could get worse if Apple suffers retaliation after Meng’s arrest. Even without that factor, China is proving to be a very competitive market that may require a particular approach.

While the trade war between China and the US continues , there are already signs of Chinese companies that are strongly encouraging their staff to stop using iPhones. The headwind for Apple can only increase if on both sides no agreement is reached that puts an end to pressure on US companies.

via 9to5mac

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