Here we are! HTC has officially launched the new smartphone HTC 10 top of the range, already revealed in
advance in new leaks. HTC 10 is a very strong smartphone against the competition and very strong even compared to

Apple. It offers everything that you can think of wanting to be a flagship device.

The latest addition to the HTC family combines a first-class camera with great sound, a new metal unibody design and unparalleled performance.

Designed for perfection
Inspired by the light and sculpted to perfection, HTC 10 employs a new approach to design, beveled edges delineate a slimmer appearance made possible by the glass screen that blends seamlessly into the metal body.

With the ‘attention to the little details that have long distinguished it, HTC does not look only to the materials during the creation of a new phone. With HTC 10, the development team have worked tirelessly to build a cell characterized by a uniquely forged power button, speaker with a more refined look (and better sound quality), and where the fingerprint sensor recognizes the finger touch from any angle.

Furthermore HTC 10 is designed to withstand drops, shocks and scratches , and has been subjected to more than 168 hours of extreme environmental tests, by a freezing at -20 ° C up to a burning temperature of 60 ° C, resisting to more than 10,000 tests for liquids, creases, scratches and corrosion.

Excellent Camera!
With HTC 10 the team has created the best camera available today on the smartphone market. With lenses with optical stabilizer

and focal aperture of f / 1.8 on both the front-facing camera and on the back, new larger sensors 12 million Ultrapixel new generation (1.55um per pixel), faster autofocus laser that powers the main camera , wide angle lens and a flash on the UltraSelfie ™ front camera screen, the new HTC 10 guarantees sharp pictures is behind, both in front of goal.


Schermata-2016-04-12-alle-17.09.17-750x357 (1)

The best sound
It is not only the photography to make the new unparalleled smartphone – HTC 10 combines video vivid
4K with the first sound 24-bit high-definition that captures well 256 times more detail than
standard recordings, thanks to dual frequency that allows you to give life your recorded content as if you were

actually there in person.

2531-Studio-750x500 (1)


Built for audiophiles , HTC 10 is Hi-Res Audio certified and has been designed to reproduce the sound of the music

exactly as the artist wanted. A headphone amplifier that offers twice the power of a conventional amplifier,

the ability to switch from 16-bit to 24-bit audio and analog audio conversion guarantee imperfections ten times lower

compared to other devices on the market, offering an audio performance of all addictive and unmatched.


Everyone perceives sounds differently, which is why the new Personal Audio System Profile HTC 10 is designed to further

increase its audio experience. Creating a unique profile for your hearing, the new system adjusts dynamically to

the specific sound frequencies to each ear, allowing you to listen to music just as the artist desired.The redesigned

speakers HTC facing BoomSound ™ Hi-Fi Edition have the classic design separate tweeter and woofer and combine with

a dedicated amplifier on each speaker, providing an unparalleled clarity of sound on a smartphone.
A great audio deserves the ultimate headphone and so HTC has made sure that the new flagship smartphone was

equipped with the best high-resolution headphones. Characterized by a thin diaphragm 8μm aerospace polymer and

70% bigger driver, the listener is delighted to be a richer sound and double the frequency range,

allowing you to enjoy the best sound experience on the move.

HTC 10 is also the first smartphone in the world to natively support Apple AirPlay technology to stream.


Their best performance

Besides the pursuit of hardware, HTC has also developed the best software experience on the market: thanks to

applications that are launched in a twice as fast and working with the highest standards and thanks to an

HD display of new generation which is the 30% more colorful , creating a real cinematic feel,

and 50% more sensitive to the touch than its predecessor, allowing to track perfectly even the smallest

and most rapid movement of the fingers.

HTC-10_3V_CarbonGray16Mar21-750x563 (1)


The attention to detail does not stop there. With great attention to the privacy of people,

HTC has created a fingerprint reader that unlocks the phone in 0.2 seconds and has been algorithmically

designed to recognize you in an ever faster and more accurate over time.


internally and externally designed to last longer, HTC 10 boasts the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 4G LTE .

Each device comes with Boost + thought to make the phone faster to consume less energy and to provide a safe

and one of the effective application management. This includes a boost smart that automatically optimizes memory,

a booster for gaming that consumes less battery power when you play and the new system PowerBotics, which automatically detects and closes applications that use too much energy, improving the battery life by 30%, allowing to reach up to two-day power .

Boost + not only improves performance, making it easier to launch applications, but thanks to the App Lock feature also adds a new level of security, allowing you to block any application chosen, while App Manager provides an immediate correction if an app does not it behaves as it should. HTC 10 also includes the last Rapid Charger 3.0 with improved thermal management, so that the battery can be charged up to 50% in only 30 minutes – ideal for those who find themselves with their short phone charge before the end of the working day.

Controlled by you!

Reducing the number of duplicate applications and pre-loaded and the bloatware, and integrating the best of HTC and Google,

HTC has created a more streamlined phone that allows you to choose what you prefer to have on your device. With the new Freestyle Layout , you no longer need a grid on the screen that determines the arrangement of the elements. It is thus possible to give vent to their creativity by dragging icons, stickers and widgets anywhere you want. Overlap, group, connect adhesives applications or get rid of all the icons on the screen, the choice is yours. The latest version of HTC Themes also it provides access to thousands of professional-looking themes that come with each of the own icon, backgrounds and sounds so you can customize the phone according to your personal style.


Accessories, Price and Availability

To further simplify the user experience, HTC provides a new cover 10 Ice View with a front-cover semi-transparent and very versatile.

So, when you have an incoming call or an incoming message, or when you need to skip a track, or take the perfect photo, you can do without opening the cover of the smartphone. All this happens in a simple way and without compromising the protection.


HTC 10 will be available from April 2016 in three color combinations: Carbon Grey Glacier Silver and Topaz Gold at a starting price of 799 €. The smartphone can already book from the official website .

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