WhatsApp has become synonym for text messages, voice and multimedia messaging services ,and that has significantly increased post the acquisition by facebook . Since then , whatsapp has improved a lot and also in plan to introduce new features as well .

One of the most popular and most expected feature was to hide ” Last Seen “ timestamp on the app which by default showed our last login time to all our contacts in whatsapp but now it can be changed .

f you’re person who wants to keep your visiblility only to your close friends and keep invisible to others on your contact list ?

How to Disable ” Last Seen ” on WhatsApp ?

The step givem below is applicable to all platforms no matter you run it on Android , iOS or Windows , symbian os .

Step 1 : Open your WhatsApp and Tap ” Menu ”Screenshot_2014-03-31-08-01-49-1

Step 2 : Goto ” Settings ” and then to ” Account ”2

Step 3 : Now simply tap onto ” Privacy ”3

Step 4 : Tap ” Last Seen ” option and change it to ” No One ”4

Now, Change EveryOne to ” Nobody “ 

Thats it !

From now on , nobody will see your ” last seen “ timestamp . As you can see above screenshot , you can set it to MyContacts only or simply to Nobody .

WhatsApp New version available for download

Now whatsapp has been released to support all mobile platforms including Nokia asha phones , Nokia symbian phones, Nokia X , Apple iPhone, iPod Touch , Android .

Whatever the phone runs whatsapp on, the settings are all the same . Do share this with your friends .

how to hide last seen time in whatsapp for android, how to disable last seen timing on whats app




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