TNW reports that Sonovation has recently developed a fingerprint recognition using several sensors with 3D scanning. These sensors are able to detect the fingerprint also through the Gorilla Glass , the material used for screens of iPhone. This will be the step that will allow the overlap of the home button on the display of the iPhone?

Overlap the home button on the iPhone display , while maintaining the Touch ID was not easy. A few weeks ago Apple had already thought , trying to develop a new technology made ​​in Apple. But from now on with the new sensors 3D Sonovation , all this could become reality, however, the various details on the operation of this technology are still unknown. Sonovation only states that their sensors are capable of identifying best in fingerprint ridges and valleys, even though our fingers are wet, dirty or oily.

Officially, nothing is known about a possible collaboration between Apple and Sonovation , but if the Cupertino company wants to introduce this feature in the next devices, the technology to do this is already available and ready for use.

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