Here’s the new Amazon’s speaker. Many new features made possible thanks to the display. Among the also free video call.

Anticipated a few days ago , but here it is, the new Amazon Echo Show: Now Alexa can also show you things, thanks to the new display


The design is exactly what transpired already for days. The speaker hides two very powerful speaker inside for excellent sound quality. The display and the camera will allow you to make and receive video calls, watch videos from YouTube, Amazon Video, and many other sources, to display the lyrics and the results of research on the internet or on Amazon itself.

With Echo Show we can also start Spotify and other services, we can control the smart accessories to turn on and turn off the lights, rather than display on the screen all that is framed by a security camera and so on.

Echo Show will be available in white and black from June 28 to the $ 229.99 price. The following video (really well made):


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