The Chinese company GeekBar , has just released the new images showing the assembled display iPhone 6S . The display has the same size and shape, but changing something that seems to suggest the arrival of Force Touch also on the new smartphone from Apple.


From the photos you can see below, the design of the iPhone 6S will remain virtually unchanged from its predecessor, but it seems that there are differences in the display . Apple may have decided to use new types of materials for the construction of the screen of the next iPhone by, avoiding the much-talked bendgate. At last report, however, the Cupertino company would change the display components to introduce the long-awaited Force Touch , technology already present on Apple Watch and MacBook Pro, which is able to recognize different pressures on the screen.


Besides these photos, MIC Gadget has published another picture showing a iPhone 6S already fully assembled , for which it is reported that the thickness is increased by 0.2 mm , from 6.9 mm to 7.1 mm, as the current iPhone 6 Plus. This could be a further confirmation of the presence of new materials and / or the Force Touch on the next iPhone 6S.

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