Supported by statements from some Apple employees, the Bloomberg reporter casts shadows on the future of the set-top box.

Apple’s strategy for its living room entertainment hardware is weak and its vision in this market segment is inconsistent . This is the not at all idyllic picture painted by Mark Gurman in his latest report.

This year Apple TV has received a substantial update, the Siri Remote – for example – has been completely redesigned. In the meantime, however, in March 2021 the news of the retirement (early?) Of the full-size model of HomePod also arrived . The reason? Focus solely on the smart speaker in the mini version , which also has a more affordable cost (99.99 euros in Europe).

However, it is wrong to think that Apple is currently at a standstill and has nothing on its agenda. According to persistent rumors, in fact, the Cupertino company is thinking of a totally new device, a mix between HomePod and Apple TV, with a display of its own and the FaceTime Camera . Will you ever see the light? Maybe in 2023.

In the last few hours, Mark Gurman , the Bloomberg journalist who is very attentive to the universe of the Californian giant, has thought about casting shadows on Apple’s programs . Gurman, in his Power On newsletter, states that according to some Apple engineers he joined, the company led by Tim Cook would not have clear ideas about the strategy for the market to which Apple TV and HomePod are part .

For Gurman, the set-top box would be struggling and not a little to find its space in a sector dominated by reliable and decidedly cheaper alternatives provided, for example, by Amazon and Roku . If Apple is to have its say in this market, it must follow the example of the competition . This, in short, is Gurman’s thinking.

And are you of the same opinion as Gurman? Should Apple really change its strategy and focus on cheaper devices?

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