Google may have won a couple of sad faces a few days ago as it pulled its recently acquired Sparrow mail client from supporting the Mac and iOS, but that doesn’t mean the company had negative plans behind it. We’ve seen the guys at Mountain View push new initiatives like its new Inbox service for the iPhone and Android smartphones, and even though we’re not really sure how successful it’s been when compared to competing services like Mailbox and Outlook, the company has prepared a new update.

Google has silently pushed a new update to its Inbox service on the iOS App Store to version 1.2. The changes include a few bug fixes that the company hasn’t mentioned, but the major change is really the fact that the app will now support more than just the iPhone when it comes to iOS. iPad support is now available for any tablet capable of running iOS 7 and beyond. Inbox is famous for giving you a prioritized version of your Gmail, something that helps many of us deal with distractions during our productive times.

Make sure you hit the source link to download the app if you haven’t already. Just keep in mind that it still seems to be an invite-only service.

Source: Inbox (App Store)

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