The famous Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn has recently started to produce OLED displays for smartphones. Since this is one of the largest suppliers of Apple, maybe next year will be just Foxconn to provide panels for the new iPhone.

Now we are already resigning on iPhone news this year. There are now many rumors in circulation that claim a few new features coming to iPhone 7. At the same time, however, there are already many rumors about the new iPhone by coming in 2017, in particular on the presence of OLED screens instead of the current LCD.
Foxconn has already begun development of OLED displays and glass casings for smartphones. Apple, however, will still have to decide which manufacturer contact, even if the choice of Foxconn looks pretty gettonata.
News also as regards the A11 processor coming next year, which apparently will be developed by TSMC

with 10nm technology.

Source: macrumors

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