In the iOS 16 code, there is a string that refers to a new remote control for Apple TV: the fourth generation Siri Remote

Apple is working on a new model of Apple TV powered by the A14 chip and 4GB of RAM but will also change the remote once again.s a less sophisticated design than the first model but is more comfortable and easier for users to use.

Analyzing the iOS 16 code, however, some strings of code were found that refer to a “ SiriRemote4 ” and also to “WirelessRemoteFirmware.4” that do not correspond to any of the existing remote controls.

The SiriRemote4 is expected to be a revised and improved remote control over the previous edition and should arrive alongside the next Apple TV model. No further code strings were found in the code so it is difficult to imagine what it looks like. It is possible that it will have the same design but with slightly revised and improved aspects.

apple tv

For Ming-Chi Kuo, the new Apple TV will be released in mid-2022, so very soon. It should even have lower prices than the current Apple TV 4K which in Italy starts at € 219. In light of all this, we can also hypothesize that the remote control in question is dedicated to an upcoming cheaper Apple TV, or a variant of the next generation to be released by the end of the year.

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