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A major update to the Fleksy keyboard for iOS was released today, adding several big new features and a handful of new themes to the popular app. Most of the new features are added through a framework called Extensions.

Extensions allow the user to specify certain optional features to be included on the keyboard. Some of the extensions that come with the new app include a fifth row on the keyboard for numbers, the aforementioned GIF keyboard, and even a one-handed typing mode on newer iPhones. Several others are also included.

Users will be able to select up to three extensions to be active at one time, with additional “slots” for more extensions available through the Fleksy store.

There are also several new themes included in version 5, such as special branded themes from popular movies like The Hunger Games and Frozen. Thirty total themes are now available for purchase through the app’s storefront. Color themes will be available in packs of three, while branded themes will come in packs of two. Each theme pack will cost from $.99 to $2.99.

A new “Translucent” theme allows the user’s wallpaper to show through the keyboard, giving each user’s phone a distinct look.

You can grab version 5.0 of the Fleksy keyboard for iOS now on the iOS App Store.

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