MIC Gadget has recently released a video on YouTube, in which we can see a live iPhone 6C ,

the much rumored iPhone with 4-inch display which should arrive in 2016.

iPhone 6c Concept

It is a real hands-on of the device by MIC Gadeget , which presents the new iPhone 6C .

According to the latest rumors, the device should be presented by Apple in April, with a 4-inch display ,

a A9 processor and NFC technology for payments via Pay Apple. Despite this, the Cupertino

company has never confirmed the existence of this device, so we have to wait for an event or

announcement to be sure it really exists iPhone 6C.

Of course it could also be a mockup model, specifically designed to attract the attention of users,

so the video and the news have to take much with pliers .


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