As we inch closer to the launch of the iPhone 6, which is set to be unveiled on September 9, and the public launch of iOS 8, we’re starting to see Apple add iOS 8-based features in the products we’re already using.


In particular, it looks like apps within the iOS and Mac App Store are starting to see a new piece of information added to their descriptive listings. Apple has reportedly begun adding information in regards to Family Sharing, a new feature that was unveiled during the iOS 8 announcement, and allows users within a family to share credit cards for purchases, plus more bonuses.

The new piece of information was found by German site,, and will allow developers to notify potential customers whether or not they have turned on the Family Sharing feature within their app. The listing is pretty straightforward, showing “Yes” if the developer has included the functionality, or “Not Available” if they haven’t (yet).

For the app Sketchbook Mobile, the developer has activated Family Sharing, but then a date shows up after the confirmation. That would indicate that developers have the ability to turn on the feature for only new purchases, made after the initial app was picked up.

Apple has been letting users test out the public beta of OS X Yosemite since the end of July, and the iOS 8 betas are now in their fifth iteration for developers, both of which have begun implementing some Family Sharing features along the way, and ahead of the public launch later this year. OS X Yosemite is rumored to be landing on Macs now in October, with a staggered launch from iOS 8.

Are you looking forward to Family Sharing in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite?

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