Facebook has introduced a novelty in the process of rolling out around the world that will simplify and improve the experience with the recommendations of friends about certain places or activities.

How many times did you write on Facebook ” Do you have a film that you would recommend? ” Or ” Do you know a good restaurant in Accra? ”

From today all the answers you receive from your friends will be reviewed by an artificial intelligence that automatically recognize the corresponding page in the proposed activities. So who will report the name of a restaurant, it will bring up the Local page, through which you can see immediately if it is open, times, prices and more.

In addition, it will create a map, on which are displayed all activities in the area, reported by friends.

The same will happen with so many other things, and with movies, especially for those playing at the cinema, also offering the chance to buy tickets by clicking a button.

So Facebook will have even greater control over what we write on the social network, but will become more rapid and immediate to use even for tasks that usually carry through special applications or many steps via browser

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